Anika's Pizza Blog

Meat Eaters, Vegetarians, Gluten-Free Foodies, We Gotcha Covered!

Our family has specialty diet needs and often are feel like we have a limited selection when visiting food establishments. Now that we have a restaurant of our own, we want to try to make as many options available as we can manage.

Slowly, But Surely...

We are slowly now starting to open a few hours at a time! Surely I can't be serious???

New Pizza Prep Station, Griddle, and Fryers

Our new pizza prep station just arrived! We also got all new fryers and a griddle so we have even more options to offer! We are starting anew with mostly new equipment, and even new clean countertops and tables for prepping.

So, When Is Your Pizza Restaurant Going To Open in Moultonborough?

That's the question everyone is asking us... When are we going to open? That's the same question we've been asking ourselves. After an enormous investment into making this a great place to eat, putting in new flooring, new bathrooms, a few new appliances, new lighting, lots of cool decorations, and a whole new attitude, we've been eagerly wanting to open this place which is why we opened on Friday the 13th.

Hanging Up The Apron This Week

We're temporarily hanging up our aprons over the next week to regroup and hopefully hire some staff after such a wonderful grand opening. We appreciate the outpouring of support from the community, but with lines, delays, missed phone calls, and limited menu, it made it difficult to keep up with making pizza's and we really want to serve the community to the best of our ability and for Anika's Pizza to be the place we want it to be, and that Moultonborough deservers, so please be patient with us over the next week or so as we work on a better system. We enjoyed meeting so many people and appreciated our friends who drove from Barrington to help us out.

Grand Opening Friday the 13th!

Our grand opening is Friday, August 13th, 2021. It may seem odd to choose such an ominous day, but to us it was an opportunity. Since we are an '80s themed restaurant opening in the summer, and the 2nd Friday in August just so happened to be the 13th, it was our density, I mean destiny, to open on this date.

  • Due to the schools closing and heavy spread of illness in our community, as well as other community events being postponed, we have had no choice but to postpone our event until further notice.

We are now open for private events, celebrations, and birthday parties. Please contact us for more details.