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About us

Our Restaurant

Anika’s Pizza is a family-owned ‘80s themed restaurant and gift shop located near Lake Winnipesaukee in Moultonborough, NH. We provide a fun, '80s themed atmosphere, with great music, delicious food, and original and memorable gifts. We offer both traditional food options, as well as plant-based alternatives for vegetarians and vegans (the good stuff, not the dry lettuce on bread type stuff as if that's what vegetarians want to eat).

Mission & Vision

We have been creating recipes and making food for friends and family for years. Since birth, our daughter has had a dairy allergy, so we started having "Family Night" on Friday's, and would make both traditional cheese and non-dairy plant-based pizzas.

This tradition and our passion for food has now become our business and we strive to make great food, and offer lasting memories, for all of our guests.


When it comes to going out to eat, we often found ourselves in places that we just wanted to leave. Whether it met our high standards, or was simply not a fun place to be.

When we had the opportunity to run a restaurant, we wanted it to be something we would be proud of; a place we would want to hang out. That's why we created Anika's Pizza.

  • We are now open most Friday's and Saturday's and for private events, celebrations, and birthday parties. Please contact us for more details.