FAQs About Our Food

Yes we do, but, they are called Philly Cheesesteaks. This is a matter of semantics, but as someone that grew up eating cheesesteaks, it's a difference to me. Even the bread is better and I import the same bread from Philly that I had when I was younger.
Yes, we sell good ol' submarine sandwiches, or as we call them, hoagies. I am from South Jersey originally, and hoagies are what we ate growing up. So, that's what we sell. Same thing as a sub, footlong, hero, etc, just better, in my opinion. We import the rolls Amorosa, which are used in Jersey and Philly for cheesesteaks and hoagies.
For those asking the question legitimately, any food service establishment should only sell fresh food, as it's a requirement by the state. We follow all protocols, and only sell fresh food, and are very careful about the quality of all food we sell. Everything we offer is either fresh or frozen.

This answers another question we sometimes get, like "can I add fresh broccoli on my pizza?" My first thought is "why?" and my second is that this is only the 2nd person we've heard ask it in the 2 years we have been here. So, this is why we won't sell fresh broccoli, etc. because if we are only open 2-3 days per week, it's not going to hold over those days we are closed as something in the freezer would. If we don't use sauce, cheese, etc. by the closing time, and if we are not open for 5 more days or doing any special events, all of that gets tossed. If we were open full time, this wouldn't need to happen, but again, this is all part of what we answer on our business FAQs.
The funny thing is, the only people who have asked this were actually trolls on social media and when I trace back their account and whom they follow, I have found in every single case it was someone related to, or good friends with, a so-called "competitor." Further, they never ask this to get an answer, they make a comment like "their food can't be good, they're never open!" This is the way some people feel is an appropriate strategy to market their business; having friends and family insult the competition on social media.  Seems unethical to me, but this is the way some people are.
So, next time someone wants to troll our social media page, please, find something else to do while "adulting" at home.
We serve the food we believe we would be best equiped to make. We don't serve fish, because I think there are likely better cooks equiped to sell fish. We don't sell X food because there are people that specialize in X. We sell food that we know we cook well and have something to offer that appeals to people visiting a pizza restaurant.

Also, we don't sell beer because we want to be a family restaurant and aren't interested in the liability or even more added insurance costs of selling alcohol. Insurance is already high, we don't need the added costs of alcohol as well.

Additional FAQs

Here are some other frequently asked questions below: