Anika's Pizza - 1980s Themed

family restaurant since 2021

Since we opened in 2021, Anika’s Pizza has been a popular destination for many visiting the Lakes Region of NH. Unfortunately, due to staffing, personal issues, and many equipment failures, we have often been closed to daily business during fall and winter months and open more frequently during spring and summer. We have spent a great deal of time (and money) making this place great, and it shows when you first walk in the door.


We spent the better part of 2021 remodeling the restaurant. The bathroom windows were rotted out, there was old gray carpeting throughout, and lots of other hidden problems that are too numerous to name. We updated the flooring throughout, creating an 80s themed floor, removed the old ceiling tiles to use ones more appropriate for the setting, and painted all of the walls to create that unique 80s atmosphere. 


Since purchasing the building where the previous restaurant Artie's Pizza was located, we have spent tens of thousands of dollars on new equipment, including lighting, a Pac-Man arcade, 3 new freezers, 3 new refrigerators, a new oven, 2 new fryers, a new griddle, 2 new HVAC units, and a new water heater, to name just a few things… We have done everything to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the building.


Because of these issues above, we've focused on being open on weekends, and opening our doors to private events and functions, and special deliveries. We have had everyone form celebrities looking for a private meal, to delivering pizza's for camps, weddings, and business events. We have had to remain flexible during this challenging time and will continue to do so.

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Need a place for a special occasion? One with food, and an awesome 80s atmosphere? We gotcha!


Treat your employees to great food and atmosphere. Have the restaurant all to yourselves for your next meeting!


Birthday parties are fun, and stranger things happen in 80's themed pizza restaurants, so schedule a party now!


From Rubix Cube to Anika's Pizza merch, our ever-expanding giftshop is sure to have something you want.


Why meetup at a place for mediocre coffee and dry bland bread sticks when you can meetup in style?


Chances are, someone in your family lived in the 80s, was born in the 80s, or likes 80s music, movies and games.