Our grand opening is Friday, August 13th, 2021. It may seem odd to choose such an ominous day, but to us it was an opportunity. Since we are an '80s themed restaurant opening in the summer, and the 2nd Friday in August just so happened to be the 13th, it was our density, I mean destiny, to open on this date.

Mark your calendars, because this upcoming Friday the 13th is going to be a blast! You can finally see all the work we've been putting into making Anika's Pizza a great family restaurant and overall fun place to be! New flooring, new bathrooms, new décor, and a whole new attitude (play Patti LaBelle's song as background music to this post).

We would say "out with the old, and in with the new," but considering this is an 80's themed restaurant, that doesn't quite work.. We are taking you back to the future (well, the past), and bringing back that feeling when the world was more optimistic, the music was good, and you played games with your friends at an arcade more than you did on the couch at home (well, except Super Mario 7-2, that was played long hours with your friends with the remotes constantly flying due to frustration).

Be Excellent To Each Other!  -William "Bill" S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan

We are not going to just have great food, we are going to have totally excellent food! We are not stuffing our menu with everything under the sun for the sake of pleasing everyone all at once. Instead, we are going to carefully and slowly introduce new menu items slowly over the next year. The reason being, when one of us go into a place and try a sub/hoagie, if it's not good, we're not trying it again. So we are taking our time, perfecting one menu item at a time until we have both a classic feel and taste, with a twist that makes our place unique.

Come this upcoming Friday the 13th, check us out, try some of the food that we will have to offer, and buy some of our limited edition grand opening merchandise. We hope to bring a sense of community to the Moultonborough and the lakes region, and look forward to serving customers for years to come!