This has been a wonderful 1st week of our doors being really open and not just curbside pickup! We made it! I'm not sure how, but we did it! Thanks to all the wonderful visitors, both from out of town and locals who came to support Anika's Pizza. We appreciate all the support and glad everyone so far has loved what they ate here, including Artie's and the "Hi There Cafe" customers, which it's nice to hear stories about how people have been coming here for decades! Thanks for giving us a chance and being so welcoming.


We put in a lot of effort into using the best ingredients while trying to make the tastiest food around! Hearing things like "this is the best meatball sub I've ever had," or "your cheesesteaks remind me of home, I haven't tried anything this good in NH," and "your pizza is a hit in our home and is made perfect," really made our week. To us, that's what this is about and why we do this. I'm sure we can't always hit the mark, and when we don't, we will improve. But ultimately, having people here has been a great experience so far.

"I love this town!"  -Winston Zeddemore.