One look at our collection of pizza cutters might have you wondering... What's up with that? We have at least 12 different cutters, maybe more. There is a logical explanation that our customers will appreciate; we use different tools for different kinds of pizza.

When someone orders a cheese pizza, they don't necessarily eat meat, so we always cut cheese pizza's with a different cutter than meat pizzas. Then of course we have vegan pizzas, so we have a separate tool for non-dairy cheese. We also have cutters we use for gluten-free orders, and another for pizza's with mushrooms... We even have one we use for different kinds of meat pizzas. So while it may seem a little bit picky or obsessive for us to do this, I am sure somebody, somewhere would appreciate knowing we go through all this trouble for our customers.

“That's not a knife. This is a knife!”  -Crocodile Dundee.