That's the question everyone is asking us... When are we going to open? That's the same question we've been asking ourselves. After an enormous investment into making this a great place to eat, putting in new flooring, new bathrooms, a few new appliances, new lighting, lots of cool decorations, and a whole new attitude, we've been eagerly wanting to open this place which is why we opened on Friday the 13th.

Be Excellent To Each Other!  -William "Bill" S. Preston Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan

Unfortunately, since we did not hire an experienced cook yet, we don't want to open without knowing we can serve the community. We will hopefully be hiring some staff, and whether we do or not, we are planning to open at least sometimes... perhaps 2 hours one day, 4 hours another. It's not what the community wants, and it's for sure not what we want, but if we can at least open partially, we will be able to serve the community and hopefully open to full capacity over the next month. Please check back here and our social media pages for updates on hours. We may have last minute "pop-up" openings. Also, note, that our menu is currently being developed. We aren't serving boring food, so when we start serving a sub/hoagie, we won't be satisfied unless it's the best around, so please be patient as we grow our menu.