We're open this Super Bowl Sunday weekend curbside pickup and limited delivery! Our hours are updated regularly and can be seen by visiting our Google page.

We have most pizza toppings, and we will be offering many new options in the upcoming weeks, including our soon-to-be-famous real Philly cheesesteaks. I know the previous place had cheesesteaks, but I can't stress this enough... Ours are better! I grew up with cheesesteaks in South Jersey and Philly, so when it comes to making real, authentic cheesesteaks and hoagies, I'm sure people are going to love it... We will offer both regular (real steak) and vegetarian (vegan plant-based) versions, and we will start out doing this once or twice per week. Since we only want fresh bread and veggies, and are only open curbside, this is our biggest obstacle. We were making hoagies but if we only sell a few per week we end up throwing away most of our inventory for sandwiches. So, that's the reason for keeping this down to a day until we open our doors in March.

“That's my pie.”  -Stan Gable.